Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sonoma Air Attack 2009/07/30

GeoCam is visiting CAL FIRE Sonoma Air Attack Base (SAAB) near Santa Rosa Thursday and Friday, July 30-31, to beta test the current version of our software in our first real deployment of 2009.

On Thursday we met the staff, got introduced to their operation, and enjoyed some great home-cooked food at lunch. The planes did not fly any missions, with no major fires in the cool weather.

Sonoma Air Attack 140, an OV-10 Bronco observation aircraft

Control panel on the OV-10

Schematic of the OV-10

Sonoma T-85, an S2T Turbo Tracker tanker. Tanker pilot Jimmy Barnes (left) is talking to GeoCam research assistant Lanny Lin (middle) and OV-10 pilot Brian Combs (right). Lanny is here on a summer internship from BYU.

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